Our Deep-Rooted History

Hemyock is a quaint village on the outskirts of England; where time has truly escaped reality. It is surrounded by a green silence of  pastures and forests which gives the town a fresh and sweet earth fragrance. Here, you’ll find relics of jagged stone castles, churches and walls from the 14th century lining every avenue like soothing poetry. The town is peaceful, but also hums with life from its pubs, farmers markets, festivals and carnivals. These are traditional celebrations for the seasons to come; with joyous music, rowdy laughter and playful dancing flooding the streets. Families and friends come together to celebrate, reminisce and treasure time spent with one another in this idyllic setting.

Similarly, the scenic drive to our farm is lined with rolling green meadows that distance us from the bustle of Nottingham Road or from wherever you may be traveling. This makes for an even more intimate and blissful escape. The farm’s landscapes echo Hemyock with grand mountain ranges, the serene Mooi river, scenic forests, British-styled gardens, and vast paddocks of farm animals. The shell of our house was built in 1929 and has been somewhat maintained from then. Within the house you will find keepsakes of our history such as the original window frames, doors and flooring.

In the past, our farm was used for precious family gatherings, and we’re delighted to welcome you to unite with your loved ones in celebration; to truly bask in each other’s company and absorb the unspoken beauty of the Midlands Meander.

Our Values Stem
from Our Beliefs

Hemyock is founded on the concept of togetherness, because there is nothing quite like the warm ease and comfort of being surrounded by those we love most. It’s this warmth that we hold very dear to our hearts, and strive to bring to life in your wedding ceremony. At Hemyock, we encourage whole-weekend wedding celebrations where your loved ones can relax, connect and enjoy much-needed time together.

We see togetherness in two families becoming one, as well as in the reuniting of lifelong friends and family of all ages and from all over the world – because we believe that this makes life far more meaningful and sincere.

Love remains forever young
in moments of togetherness

Kristen Goldmund Aumann

What makes us who we are is our Hemyock family. Without the togetherness and hard work of our passionate staff, we couldn’t make your time here as special. This passionate team of men and women are truly remarkable and are admired for everything they do. They’ll go to great lengths- and beyond-  with their hospitality; to make your stay as exceptional as it can be.